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Margaret S. Arndt
Holistic Financial Consultant
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Holistic Financial Consulting for Personal and Planetary Well-Being 

"Money is a current, 
a carrier, a conduit 
for our intentions. 
Money carries 
the imprimatur 
of our soul.”

– Lynne Twist, The Soul of Money

“Through the wonderful 
tool of money 
we can speak who we are and touch the world.”

– Lynne Twist, The Soul of Money

Welcome to Sage Consulting!

  • Holistic integrated approach aligned with your goals and values 

  • Commitment to your financial and overall well-being

  • Comprehensive financial planning services and customized strategies

  • Financial planning for a socially responsible and sustainable world 

  • Dedication to personal service and professional excellence

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  • Investment Planning, 
           Portfolio Management,
           Risk Management,
           Socially Responsible Investing

  • Retirement Planning

  • College Planning

  • Insurance Planning

  • Estate Planning

  • Charitable Giving

  • Budget Planning

  • Business Planning

  • Executive and Employee 
           Benefit Planning

  • Holistic Life Planning

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Welcome to Sage Consulting, an independent holistic financial consulting and services firm in Newton, Massachusetts, serving individuals, families, professionals, and businesses. 

Margaret's mission is to be your trusted advisor who guides you from where you are now to where you want to be through a thoughtful, holistic, and comprehensive planning process, financial and/or life planning. 

Her commitment to providing ongoing care, personal service, and a high standard of professional excellence helps her clients stay on path with their goals and dreams.

The following summarizes the wealth management and holistic planning  
services Margaret provides:

     1.  A comprehensive review of clients’ needs, goals, dreams, lifestyle, and
          values - in order to uncover what is truly important to them

     2.  Comprehensive financial planning that… 
          a.  addresses risk management, wealth building, wealth preservation,   
               wealth distribution, and wealth transfer 
          b.  responds to clients’ changing needs and goals, and 
          c.  helps clients leave a meaningful and enduring legacy

     3.  Customized wealth management and capital accumulation strategies in 
          alignment with clients’ goals and values and based on objective and 
          impartial advice, a wide array of non-proprietary financial products and 
          services, and a collaborative team-based approach using the resources 
          of a network of specialists  

     4.  Strategies that allow clients to align their investments with their values 
          and ideals for a socially responsible and sustainable world

​     5.  Holistic life planning to help clients experience overall well-being, 
          prosperity, and abundance, manifest their goals and dreams, and make       
          a positive and meaningful difference in the world.


Margaret invites you to contact her to learn more and begin the 
journey toward reaching your goals and manifesting your dreams! 

To get started with identifying and prioritizing your interests, needs, 
and goals, Margaret invites you to contact her for a DISCOVERY SURVEY - Personal, Business, and/or Holistic. 

Whether your needs and goals are broad-based or focused, identifying 
them and implementing customized strategies could help improve 
your future.
Sage Consulting was founded by Margaret S. Arndt, an  
independent holistic financial consultant and life planning consultant since 1982, who is dedicated to providing wealth management and holistic planning services and resources 
that empower clients on their path toward financial and overall well-being, the manifestation of their goals and dreams, and a fulfilling and abundant life in alignment with their deepest values and life purpose.